10th August 2017

  • Family Holiday, S Daly, Phenomena, Short story
  • Question (a): the first event would be the “flimsy bridge” and the second event would be the underwater ledge that “drops away pretty sharply”.
  • Question (b): Onomatopaeia= “crashed”
  • the writer uses this verbal feature to portray a negative feeling or a feeling that the sea is a dangerous ‘being’. this same feeling also relates to the rest of her holiday in the way that she also holds a fear/danger, and possibly a sense of dislike in the family holiday that she is participating in.
  • Identify 2 language features develop the narrator’s feelings about the holiday. give an example of each

    – Personification: “the waves crashed down and sucked everything away, even the sand.” She feels like this holiday is ‘sucking everything away’ or that it is sucking her holiday time away.

    – Emotive language: “away from the ragged edge…” she feels the danger of the moment.


  • discuss how your chosen language features along with others in the text develop an emotional theme for the chosen family.

    – both of these language features work together to create the feeling of danger and the loss of her holiday.

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